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Team IELTScoaching.com2013-04-10 10:20:35

Welcome to IELTScoaching Online Chat ! Please let us know your quarries........
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 15:35:12

Dear Jassi, Good afternoon
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:14:12

Dear Jassi, this is test mail for your log in check up, kindly log in at your end.
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:15:14

hi Sir
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:15:26

good afternoon
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:15:47

Very good after noon, at last!
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:16:18

Coming to the reading part, how did you stated to attempt this exercise today, kindly elaborate.
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:18:05

first i read the title then questions after this,i try ti find out answer
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:22:26

r u there kanwar sir
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:22:37

My advise is to read the article first
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:22:50

Note down the time
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:23:08

Now start checking the words, you dont know
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:23:15

check the meaning
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:23:27

u mean whole peragraph
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:23:31

Now again read the article & note down the time
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:23:47

I mean all the paragraphs of the exercise
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:24:07

Now start attempting the questions.
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:24:11

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:24:38

Jassi Ji now tell me one 20 minutes exercise will be done in how many minutes
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:25:49

OK you attempted todays exercise, its some how related to nursing; what is meaning of monochromatic
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:26:41

u know my problem is if i stuk for any qustion i waste my lot of time to find out the answer and run out my time
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:26:58

Jassi Ji waiting for the reply
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:27:49

it means one chromosome
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:27:52

OK OK, I uderstand your problem, but when we are practicing, at that time are we attempting for marks or for improvement?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:28:19

we will come to monochromatic later,
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:30:47

Are you there Jassi
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:31:58

yaaaaaaa i am here waiting for ur next qustion
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:33:39

Jassi, first let us discuss this reading today, need to have your reply for my question of practice,
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:34:45

sir when i do the true false an not given, i just cant understand difference between false and not given
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:35:44

Perfect, Jassi have you ever tried to analyse that your strenght is that you know where you are weak.
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:36:43

too many time,and i know my weakness points in reading
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:37:28

Ha, But what all you have done to improve?
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:37:40

thats what i want to disscuss with u ant get advise from u
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:37:55

To sort out this problem only you are given this particular way of attempting reading, this will definitely improve all your problems, as you are already an intelligent girl/lady
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:38:06

yaaaa tried to but failed
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:38:22

what is our age Jassi
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:38:53

Sorry, what is your age Jassi
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:39:16

ya its true but i would like to be intellligent in reading
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:39:39

This can come with right way of improving not by desire
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:40:18

2or can say less than this
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:40:33

25 i mean
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:42:38

kanver please tell me,what i right way to choose rgt heaings?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:43:29

What ever you achieved today in these many number of years, is by hard work, if only one reading is to be done with extra hard work, you are loosing your heart
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:45:25

Jassi Ji cheer up, together we will clear this reading trust me
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:45:48

sorry,but really want to be a registerd nurse as i am getting too many job offers from nz
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:46:27

but still stuck
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:47:23

accepted what you say, means good days are waiting for Jassi,
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:47:26

thanks for ur support
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:48:15

One thing is for sure, if we will only discuss this than reading may win, but as we have to win, lwts come back to reading
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:48:24

Am I Right?
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:48:35

yaaaaaaa i hope so.i will get my dream job one day
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:49:38

yup sorry but ttrying to give ur answers quickly
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:50:33

So, now you have to read the entire reading with time frame, go through it the way I advised, complete the exercises, revert back, as Jassi has to get her dream job!!!
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:50:35

how o you solve ur reading?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:51:10

Please dont be sorry to any one for anything, till you take the life of a human,
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:51:11

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:51:11

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:51:11

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:51:11

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:51:11

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:51:11

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:51:11

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:51:41

I always am not in a hurry to finish my reading
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:52:39

I always read the entire article/passage thoroughly, than read the questions one by one, than again I go through the passage, answers are in the front
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:52:49

plese can u tell me,when did u check my answers,what do u think
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:53:31

what about the time kanver?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:53:39

I can find only anxiety factor very strong in your case.
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:54:30

really,sorry i try to be relaxe now an solve the questions
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:55:34

Please dont be sorry
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:56:20

i send my writting answers as well,plse can u give me my feedback please
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:57:01

OK now you relax & attempt the exercises the way I told you, all your writings are under checking tomorrow we revert back to you with all the solutions
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:58:12

k sirrrrrrrrrrrr if we finish for today can i go for sleep its 12am now
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:58:34

Also, tomorrow when we react, I hope a new rejuvenated, enthusiastic Jassi will start with us for defeating the Reading comprehension part, so you promise.
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 16:59:29

Jassi Walia2013-05-15 16:59:42

definately sir
Jassi Walia2013-05-15 17:00:07

thanks for ur time
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-15 17:00:27

Its all for you, Jassi, good night!
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-16 15:28:27

Hi Any questions about IELTS?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 12:30:43

Dear Miss Walia, are you online?
Jassi Walia2013-05-20 12:46:32

good afternoon kanwar sir
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 12:47:48

Please Miss Walia, your doubts
Jassi Walia2013-05-20 12:49:32

from exercise 8,first question,appropriate letter
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 12:50:09

what have you answered?
Jassi Walia2013-05-20 12:50:56

my first question was wrong and did not understand
Jassi Walia2013-05-20 12:51:23

i answered B option
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 12:51:26

Still what was your answer?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 12:51:43

OK & what was right answer?
Jassi Walia2013-05-20 12:51:49

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 12:53:05

Fine, can you tell me why did you answered B
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 12:54:12

Your reaction time to any question is too slow, please reply fast,
Jassi Walia2013-05-20 12:55:20

in first paragraph,they mentioning temp.area penguins
Jassi Walia2013-05-20 12:56:10

and sorry kanwar, i am not good enough in computer typing, very slow
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 12:57:18

Yes Jassi, but at the same time your reaction time too justifies your perception levels of any reading,
Jassi Walia2013-05-20 12:58:48

what are you trying to say to me? I am really trying my best
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 13:00:04

I am only making you understand, that when you read some thing, you have to revert fast
Jassi Walia2013-05-20 13:00:33

ok sir, i do my best
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 13:00:45

Other wise we have seen all the details of yours, your are doing very well, there is nothing to worry by now, I hope.
Jassi Walia2013-05-20 13:01:39

k thanks now, you been scaring me before
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 13:01:52

Today there is different kind of exercise for you, you will get only five lesson, from every lesson you are suppose to create minimum 10 questions with minimum two answers.
Jassi Walia2013-05-20 13:02:29

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 13:02:29

If you are able to crack these exercises, trust me no one can stop you from getting any bands in IELTS
Jassi Walia2013-05-20 13:03:03

o my lord: really
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 13:03:16

These exercises are meant to make you understand the slots in an exercise, from where questions arise,
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 13:03:18

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 13:03:42

Dont worry Baba Nanak will help you in every way.
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-20 13:03:53

See you at three
Jassi Walia2013-05-20 13:04:15

ok thanks for ur wishes
Jassi Walia2013-05-20 13:04:42

see you,have a good day
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-21 13:13:16

Dear Miss Walia, are you online?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-21 16:15:46

Dear Miss Walia, Are you online?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-22 12:33:29

Dear Miss Walia, Are You Online?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-22 12:44:28

Dear Miss Walia, Are You Online?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-22 15:38:44

Dear Miss Walia, Are You Online?
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 14:48:57

hi sir
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 14:49:28

u there
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 14:53:37

Hello Jassi
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 14:53:38

Jassi Walia2013-05-23 14:54:20

h r u sir
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 14:54:36

am i on time
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 14:54:37

Jassi Walia2013-05-23 14:54:37

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 14:54:51

I am fine & you
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 14:55:08

good thanks
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 14:56:09

Jassi I ask you a very simple question, "what is meanng of - It is not very uncommon"
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 14:57:01

sir, from last exercise, there was true ,false and not given,i was not able to solve
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 14:57:06

answer please
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 14:57:21

sorry,i did not fet u
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 14:58:16

ths question will answer all your quarry
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 14:58:50

t s not very uncommon means
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 14:58:51

it is very common, i think
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 14:59:31

Please dont think, be sure
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 14:59:44

yes i m sure
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 14:59:46

answer confdently
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 14:59:56

k i do now
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:01:19

can i ask you ,what was my score from my last exercise sir?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:02:17

you got the answer, first you are always giving answers in doubt, this effects your answers
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:02:18

i just want to make sure, am i doing rgt way now?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:03:14

second, in reading they just confuse you by asking negative sentences
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:03:17

k i promise,it wont happen next time
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:04:00

i be very confident while doing reading
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:06:06

sir,some time, from headinds,i feel really confused and double minded
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:06:58

Please dont promise , just show us in your work
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:07:30

tell me which headlnes
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:07:30

Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:07:36

k i try my best
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:08:26

gve me name of any head lines
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:08:26

Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:08:31

from last exercise,lighting pollution
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:09:56

paragraph c
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:10:02

Fine tell me question
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:10:25

ok what was question
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:11:29

i read the paragraph, and found 2 answers8 and 4
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:12:17

then i ecide to write 8th heading
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:12:30

Just a moment I open the paragraph
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:13:49

kanwar sir,i was always trying to do according to ur advice
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:13:56

In such a case, why was 8th heading right
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:15:44

they are telling,like most of the cities have lots of ligts and its high proof of waste
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:15:52

Jassi I am wating
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:15:54

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:15:54

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:15:54

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:15:55

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:15:55

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:15:55

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:15:55

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:15:55

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:15:55

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:16:13

& n 4th part
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:17:28

it shows it can harm to people
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:20:09

kanwar sir,please tell me, what was the right answer
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:22:31

although, I dont know what was answer but your performane s very good
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:22:41

r u there sir?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:23:05

Only you have to be stable, confident whle replyng
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:23:41

k i keep this in my mind now
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:25:20

confdence will avoid you to be a flickering mind & you can get better answers
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:25:20

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:25:20

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:25:20

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:25:20

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:25:20

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:25:20

Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:25:40

kanwar sis,please can u give me my feedback from writting
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:26:32

your wrtng is good but not bold
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:26:41

sorry i mean kanwar sir
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:27:11

we wll improve on one of your wrtngs & will send you
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:27:34

ok, really appriciated
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:28:15

can i ask you one more question
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:28:21

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:28:47

right Jassi, can I interact with some students from London, also, you will receive more lessons from reading part
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:29:06

please ask me
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:30:27

sir when i do the blanks,it matters with noun,adjuctive ,,,,,,,,,,
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:31:03

u know what i am trying to say u
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:31:30

yes defintely
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:31:31

Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:31:33

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:32:21

t s the most ewasy way to find the rght answers, f noun fill in the blank or adjectve
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:32:28

k please can u give some tips on it as well,whenever u free
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-23 15:35:40

Right I will send you
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:36:10

k thanks sir
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:36:35

i wait for reading exercises then
Jassi Walia2013-05-23 15:39:20

kanwar sir,do u want to me log out now?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-24 15:04:22

Hello Jassi, are you online
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-24 15:04:23

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-24 15:05:06

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-27 15:06:16

Hello Jassi!!!
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-05-27 15:40:11

Still Waiting
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 13:48:55

hi sir
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:01:44

iam online ,,,when u be online send me a mail plz
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:24:12

Dear Jassi,
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:24:15

Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:24:36

hi sir
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:25:18

I have gone through your reading,
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:25:41

k how was it?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:26:40

You are now definitely perfect,
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:27:09

sir as far as iam concerned i dont think so
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:27:27

the exercise given today was very simple
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:27:51

but again the same, perception level has to be improved
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:28:03

as been discussed before sir i need more material to practise proper reading on time
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:28:26

daily 1 exercise is very little
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:28:32

i need avance level one
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:29:02

no you need to work on perception of question
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:29:02

sir sorry to ask again...about books ,,i hope sir u have dispatched me around 2-3 books for practise
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:29:08

your two answers were wrong
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:29:39

sir thats iam worried for unless have more stuff to practise ,perfection hard to achieve
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:30:11

sir which were wrong answers
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:31:18

sir..i am postponing my ielts exam
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:32:06

sir u there
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:32:23

why so
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:32:51

sir need more practise.i havenot done even proper one ielts reading
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:32:56

how could i be so sure
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:33:16

sir which answers were wrong
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:33:25

and why sir could you please explain to me
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:33:30

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:35:04

lets discuss one thing first, either postponement or answers
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:35:40

yes sir ,which one
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:35:53

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:36:20

last two
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:36:43

answers are near correct, but not accurate
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:36:49

sir which is right answ
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:37:20

sir thats what trying to say,,,i want to practise for accuracy ,,until i practise more hard to achieve 7 bands
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:37:32

OK terll me first do you now how to do break up of questions
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:37:45

Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:37:46

Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:38:16

sir i need technique to solve comprehension
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:38:38

i get confused in comprehension ,as u know we have very lille time in exam
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:39:05

mostly get confused in true false,where to use adjectives etc
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:39:10

in answers
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:39:45

my frien suggested me to use capital letters in fill ups
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:39:55

lets discuss this comprehension only
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:40:23

thanks sir,,sir but what were the right answers
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:40:35

second last question, why is it eye testing & not glasses
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:41:31

You have the right to a free eyesight test if you use a VDU a lot during work hours. If you’re prescribed glasses your company must pay for them, provided they’re required in your job.
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:41:39

sir i found answer from this para
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:42:16

so howcome my answer was wrong,,could you explain me sir
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:42:29

Answer is exctly in this para, but not for eye sight, its for glasses
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:43:24

for eye sight testing you only have right for free testing
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:43:32

yes sir got it
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:43:42

ans is in second line
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:44:00

if you are prescribed glases, in case you have weak eye sight, than company should pay for it:- IT means Glasses
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:44:13

sir thats is what happen,iam working on way given by u sir,,but still some time get confused
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:44:39

sir on aily basis plz sen me around4-5 exercise to practise
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:44:49

so that i have more to ask and answer
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:45:21

sir why line manager was wrong
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:45:21

why you always negative Jassi, why dont you say I have done 80% right, & will try for rest too
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:45:49

k thanks sir
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:46:05

sir have u dispatched books as been advise in last conversation
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:46:20

Ultimately the answers are from the passage, & Jassi is intelligent enough
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:46:42

Books despatched & number will be given to you tomorrow
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:46:53

sir,it was easy exercise the one given today,still2 wrong
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:47:16

Jassi one last advice, dont concenterate on how many exercises done, concenterate on how to do them
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:47:25

k sir,i hope i will get it soon
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:47:43

but sir unless t will practise more,hard osmetime to come with doubts
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:48:04

i want to work atleast 4 exerices in 1 hour
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:48:12

Two were not wrong because Jassi didnt knew the answer, but Jassi dont have concentration
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:48:47

sir thats the one,concentration,but still it will come with vocublary
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:48:53

Also, work on just one exercise in a day
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:49:28

also,work on just one exercise in a day??????????/
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:49:42

Sorry I dont agree with you, concentration dont have anything to do with vocabulary
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:49:42

sir i only get one exercise once a day
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:50:42

in 24 hours only 1 page to read,sir iam working the way been advised by you,,read loudly,record it and then read
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:51:00

Jassi, books already being sent today
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:51:00

but still
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:51:30

sir can u please mail me 3-4 exercise for tomorrow today so that i can work on them
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:51:39

and come with more doubts
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:52:32

Definitely tomorrow at three you will get 3 full length exercise
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:52:55

sir 3 according to ur timings ir nz
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:53:01

But more important is to discuss them like today
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:53:06

because it will be 10pm according to indian 3pm
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:53:12

yes sir ofcourse
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:53:21

tomorrow will come with more doubts
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:53:49

ha ha thats why assi is dreaming
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:53:59

sir is it possible if you could be online aroun d1 accoring to indian time
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:54:24

its around 7 pm here.
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:54:32

when its 1 pm in india
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:54:46

Can you come online at 09 AM
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:56:10

can it be 10 sir,i be finishing my job at 3pm accrg to nz
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:56:17

Is it possible to come online at 09 AM
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:56:20

and it will be 10 am in india
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:56:29

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:56:54

Fine I will be with you at 10 AM
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:57:06

k sirr i be online
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:57:15

but sir if you could sen me 3 exercises know
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:57:25

i can practise and be ready with doubts'
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:57:30

by that tine
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:57:36

Bye Good Night,
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:57:51

sir whatt about exercises
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:58:01

r u sending them know
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:58:30

No it will be in morning
Jassi Walia2013-06-03 15:59:08

k sir i will wait then,,,,i hope it will be enough to practise,thanks for your time sir,see u tomorrow,,good afternoon bye
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-03 15:59:30

Bye Good Night,
Jassi Walia2013-06-04 09:48:21

hi si
Jassi Walia2013-06-04 09:48:23

Jassi Walia2013-06-04 10:06:12

good morning sir
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-04 10:31:07

Good Morning Jassi Walia
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-04 10:31:46

counselor will be in touch with you shortly
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-04 10:32:35

if you have any message please let us know
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-06-04 10:34:16

We appreciate your patience..
gurinder2013-08-22 07:37:41

heelo sir good afternoon
gurinder2013-08-22 07:38:08

gurinder2013-08-22 07:39:19

hello IELTScoaching team
gurinder2013-08-22 07:43:42

Now i am working as a lecturer in polytechnic college and recently passed my with 75% .I want to go abroad for higher education please tell me what can i do?
gurinder2013-08-22 07:46:02

gurinder2013-08-22 07:46:11

younis2013-09-03 12:51:10

hello goodevening moderator
younis2013-09-03 12:52:19

hello is anyone here to response
Som2013-10-03 17:30:42

Som2013-10-03 17:31:00

Any one is there ..
Som2013-10-03 17:31:14

Hello yonis
Som2013-10-03 17:31:20

how r u ?
Som2013-10-03 17:37:20

hello every one i am new any one can teach me i am waiting your response please.
Som2013-10-03 17:38:57

Hello,,. IELTS coaching team
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-10-04 06:32:53

Dear Som, Welcome to What can i do for you?
lalit2013-10-30 16:31:55

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-10-31 04:30:19

Hello Lalit ! Welcome to What can i do for you?
gurmit singh2013-11-12 08:16:01

hello counselor can u chat with me in hindi or punjabi?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-11-12 08:51:02

Hi Gurmit ! What can I do for you?
FARGOL2013-12-02 18:09:38

NO one is here?
FARGOL2013-12-02 18:10:34

FARGOL2013-12-03 08:04:13

FARGOL2013-12-03 08:04:28

no one comes here yet!
sumit2013-12-06 15:13:37

Hi...I have got IELTS Reference No. in my email...I want to ask is IELTS Reference No. & Candidate No. Same or Not?? If Not where is Candidate No. Then? Please tell me urgently.
dhiraj tripathi2013-12-07 07:08:08

dhiraj tripathi2013-12-07 07:11:02

wat isthe benefit of ielts and how can i prepare for thi sany coaching@fargol
dhiraj tripathi2013-12-07 07:12:15

r u busy
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-12-07 07:26:26

Hello Mr. Dhiraj
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-12-07 07:32:37

Good afternoon sir, please what can I do for you?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-12-07 07:33:36

Good afternoon sir,
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-12-07 07:35:17

Good Afternoon Sir, Please
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-12-07 07:36:04

What can I do for you?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-12-07 07:50:29

Bye Mr. Dhiraj!!!
bhagwat sharma2013-12-12 05:53:28

i would like to know the course charges
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-12-12 05:57:09

Dear Sir, for online or Classroom coaching?
bhagwat sharma2013-12-12 05:58:08

for Classroom Coaching
bhagwat sharma2013-12-12 05:58:27

Sector 17 Chandigarh
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-12-12 06:01:28

In sector 17 there are various coaching centres, which one you prefer
Manu2013-12-14 18:12:45

Manu2013-12-14 18:14:01

I am looking for ILTS coaching as i need to apply PR
Manu2013-12-14 18:14:16

Can you provide some info...
reza2013-12-20 21:13:45

Hi everyone
reza2013-12-20 21:14:51

I am looking for a person for improving ielts tips
reza2013-12-20 21:15:57

Is there a man or woman for this?
reza2013-12-20 21:17:00

I need help you dears
reza2013-12-20 21:18:22

I am medical physist in cancer therapy field and I want to improve my skills.
reza2013-12-20 21:18:52

Hi fargol
reza2013-12-20 21:19:30

Hi Manu
reza2013-12-20 21:19:55

Where are you ?
harpinder kaur2013-12-22 09:20:32

hii sir
harpinder kaur2013-12-22 14:36:23

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-12-23 04:28:12

Good Morning to all!
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-12-23 05:23:52

Any Quarries !!!
harpinder kaur2013-12-23 06:48:50

hiii SIR
harpinder kaur2013-12-23 06:55:14

Team IELTScoaching.com2013-12-23 06:58:19

Hello !
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-12-23 07:00:41

Any Quarries !!!
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-12-23 07:10:16

Please Mehal what can I do for you?
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-12-23 07:11:39

Hello Mahal, what can I do for you?
harpinder kaur2013-12-23 07:12:30

i need information about ilets
harpinder kaur2013-12-23 07:16:58

r u online
Team IELTScoaching.com2013-12-23 07:22:09

Please tell me what information you need
Pallavi Srivastava2013-12-28 10:05:41

Pallavi Srivastava2013-12-28 10:07:22

actuly i want to get info about abroad study and about scholorship
Pallavi Srivastava2013-12-28 10:09:03

is there anyone for answering
rahul2014-01-02 07:17:07

rahul2014-01-02 07:17:14

i want info for tourist visa uk
Anagha Kulkarni2014-01-02 13:07:10

Anagha Kulkarni2014-01-02 13:08:01

i want to know about IELTS
Amit2014-01-05 07:36:59

Jagdeep Singh2014-01-06 06:38:38

is anybody there
Jagdeep Singh2014-01-06 06:39:40

nobody !
Jagdeep Singh2014-01-06 06:40:46

saurav kumar2014-01-07 06:43:47

hello i have some queries
Kd AhmAd2014-01-09 07:24:14

Hello Friends good Afternoon
Kd AhmAd2014-01-09 07:24:30

how are you all ??
Kd AhmAd2014-01-09 07:25:02

Any buddy Is here ....
Kd AhmAd2014-01-09 07:25:51

sorry Friends Can i distrube you all
Kd AhmAd2014-01-09 07:26:17

Kd AhmAd2014-01-09 07:26:20

Kd AhmAd2014-01-09 07:26:22

Kd AhmAd2014-01-09 07:27:52

oky friends may shuld be go them here .... :(
Kd AhmAd2014-01-09 07:29:27

hello friends
yuvaraj2014-01-15 15:05:49

hi sir i have doubt
anup2014-01-16 10:41:41

hi sir good after noon..
anup2014-01-16 10:42:46

i have some problem related ti ielts exam..
Harwinder kaur2014-01-21 12:23:08

Linu John2014-02-06 14:21:26

Linu John2014-02-06 14:21:47

how are you doing i am new here
Fahad Khan2014-03-12 07:15:15

Fahad Khan2014-03-12 07:15:43

i have appear for IELTS.. how shuld i prepare for it?
loganathan2014-03-13 16:32:13

Roshan Bhattarai2014-03-16 20:29:42

Hello Sir/Madam
Roshan Bhattarai2014-03-16 20:30:52

I am looking for coaching for IELTS in New Delhi... can anyone help me finding the suitable place gor me??
W.M.A.HANNAN2014-03-25 15:44:29

Hello sir..........
tejender pal singh2014-03-26 07:12:05

is there anybody ? i want to ask about tution fee of ielts ?
Laxman2014-04-06 11:51:59

tirlok dhanda2014-04-07 06:12:47

tirlok dhanda2014-04-07 06:13:37

i want to start ielts guide me where and how'?
tirlok dhanda2014-04-07 06:14:38

hello tring tring hello?
tirlok dhanda2014-04-07 06:14:56

any one home
tirlok dhanda2014-04-07 06:15:04

abu naser2014-04-12 10:29:34

abu naser2014-04-12 10:30:01

abu naser2014-04-12 10:40:34

abu naser2014-04-12 10:41:07

Anyone cum to uk
abu naser2014-04-12 10:42:06

I m student counsellor from uk
abu naser2014-04-12 10:42:42 knock me
abu naser2014-04-12 10:43:20

Or my Skype abunaser001/
abu naser2014-04-12 10:43:44

Any one cl me in my Skype
abu naser2014-04-12 10:44:17

abu naser2014-04-12 10:45:22

I have student consultancy firm Lin london
Dinakaran Manickam2014-04-16 13:08:43

Dinakaran Manickam2014-04-16 13:08:54

I wish to know the course fee
Dinakaran Manickam2014-04-16 13:09:02

do you provide online training
Dinakaran Manickam2014-04-16 13:09:49

Any one there :)
VIJAY MATTU2014-04-18 08:14:10

VIJAY MATTU2014-04-18 08:14:39

anyone there
VIJAY MATTU2014-04-18 08:15:31

nobody responding
Neeraj Kumar2014-04-20 10:10:36

hi, anyone from ielts coaching is online.
Dhani2014-04-21 08:15:24

Dhani2014-04-21 08:15:44

I want to do IELTS
Dhani2014-04-21 08:17:40

where is ur Institute in Panchkula
Dhani2014-04-21 08:17:57

how i can do IELTS training how i that possible
vivek kashyap2014-04-23 15:45:08

vivek kashyap2014-04-23 15:45:25

is anyone available here
vivek kashyap2014-04-23 15:45:35

Hi, this is Vivek
vivek kashyap2014-04-23 15:46:20

I am looking for GLT
vivek kashyap2014-04-23 15:46:53

can anyone guide me the best institute for GLT training
vivek kashyap2014-04-23 15:48:29

vivek kashyap2014-04-23 15:48:40

is counselor available
shijo2014-04-29 14:24:49

shijo2014-04-29 14:25:38

i am looking for General Training
likhita kiran2014-05-09 10:20:31

Shubham2014-05-22 11:10:07

Hi Team IELTScoaching,
Shubham2014-05-22 11:11:03

Can we have one to one chat so that I can know more abour your services??
Gurpreet singh virk2014-05-28 06:11:31

Hi Team
Gurpreet singh virk2014-05-28 06:12:07

Howz u doing ?
simran kaur2014-05-31 13:58:51

simran kaur2014-05-31 13:59:24

i want to know about student visa for canada
simran kaur2014-05-31 14:00:43

why nobody is answering
D Prasad2014-06-12 05:26:14

D Prasad2014-06-12 05:27:24

need info about ielts online training
KSPAUL2014-06-16 21:09:59

KSPAUL2014-06-16 21:10:26

KSPAUL2014-06-16 21:10:35

KSPAUL2014-06-16 21:16:59

HELLO kahan hain aap sbi log
KSPAUL2014-06-16 21:17:16

reply kyu nahi dete dosto
Arvind Goswami2014-06-18 04:09:03

Hi Team
Arvind Goswami2014-06-18 04:09:34

I am new here.. wanted to know about IELTS
Arvind Goswami2014-06-18 04:14:01

Hello IELTS Team
Arvind Goswami2014-06-18 04:15:09

I wanna take IELTS coaching..
nikhil2014-06-29 10:55:35

hi there is the counseller there online ?
nikhil2014-06-29 10:57:36

hi there ... is there anyone ...can respond
nikhil2014-06-29 10:58:20

shekhar2014-07-02 06:13:46

shekhar2014-07-02 06:14:21

counselor is there
shekhar2014-07-02 06:14:23

purushotham2014-07-18 07:54:52

hi sir , who's available to answer my few question about the Institute and IELTS course ,fees,branches etc
Kritika2014-07-22 13:37:25

good evening Sir !!
Ajay Panwar2014-07-25 14:41:26

general ielts test coaching
Ajay Panwar2014-07-25 14:41:50

any bady help me
aman2014-07-26 03:58:08

helo sir
aman2014-07-26 04:01:49

Naiya2014-07-26 16:40:32

Naiya2014-07-26 16:43:13

Kimmi2014-08-08 04:43:14

Kimmi2014-08-08 04:43:29

can i know the course detail
Kimmi2014-08-08 04:43:37

Vipin2014-08-18 14:56:09

Susheel2014-08-20 07:40:34

RAJEN2014-08-24 05:00:52

RAJEN2014-08-24 05:01:55

Is there anyone who would reply my query?
sandeep2014-08-26 07:52:21

sandeep2014-08-26 07:52:43

i am looking for IELTS coaching
sandeep2014-08-26 07:52:54

can you please provide me the details
jack2014-08-26 07:55:59

jack2014-08-26 07:56:12

jack2014-08-26 07:56:36

jack2014-08-26 07:57:32

can you introduce me a good book for ielts?
jack2014-08-26 08:00:55

jack2014-08-26 08:02:15

jack2014-08-26 08:02:59

sir u there?
gill.sunny2014-08-26 09:51:28

hello team ieltscoaching
gill.sunny2014-08-26 09:53:43

i want to know about the student visa processing time subclass related to higher education
gill.sunny2014-08-26 09:54:43

how much time does it take to reach to me
gill.sunny2014-08-26 09:54:55

gill.sunny2014-08-26 09:58:57

barrons ielts superpack@jack no need to bought other ones this one works well
Swarani Bhattacharjee2014-09-06 09:50:57

Swarani Bhattacharjee2014-09-06 09:51:47

i wanna know whether we can work as Kolkata Agent ?
Swarani Bhattacharjee2014-09-06 09:52:26

We r alreday proving IELTS Training for last 8 years to students & immigration candidates
Swarani Bhattacharjee2014-09-06 09:57:42

Im into this field of overseas education since Iwas a stduent myself in Uk - say for last 12 years
Swarani Bhattacharjee2014-09-06 09:58:27

so if we can be any help for IELTS Cpoaching in Kolkata do let us know .... as we r runing our institute for long some years
rohlupuii2014-10-07 16:37:04

hello room
Amit Kumar Saxena2014-10-09 16:26:52

Hello! I would like to know about the online classes for IELTS for General Module?
Amit Kumar Saxena2014-10-09 16:27:58

whats the charges and classes in a week n how many hours since I have booked for 6 dec
dipish sablok2014-10-16 06:58:01

dipish sablok2014-10-16 06:58:47

sir i jst wanted to know about the institute for ielts from where i can score best band
prof. chandan2014-10-19 13:04:09

Hello guys my name is prof. chandan singh iam ielts IELTS trainer in british council having experience of more than 10 yrs ..if you are looking for good score in ielts through shortcult methods pls let me know.
prof. chandan2014-10-19 13:05:39

u can find me on skype --- chans0212
prof. chandan2014-10-19 13:05:54
prof. chandan2014-10-19 13:16:37

hi guys how r u
Jason Evans2014-11-04 15:15:56

hey guys
Jason Evans2014-11-04 15:16:39

Over 60+ IELTS Exam Strategies, Tips and Tricks for Students, Immigrants and Workers Get Your IELTS Score in 60 Days, Starting Today!
Natasha Wangnoo2014-11-05 22:36:00

Is anyone there?
Natasha Wangnoo2014-11-05 22:37:16

Just wanted some information in regards with IELTS coaching
Abadazam2014-12-02 03:50:04

Hello everyone
Abadazam2014-12-02 03:54:25

Hi everyone
Abadazam2014-12-02 03:56:26

I am just new here so if anyone can tell me any Skype or vibe or fb so I will contact to him/her it will improve our English
Vinod Kumar2014-12-06 07:03:54

Gud Afternoon miss
Vinod Kumar2014-12-06 07:05:17

RAVIKANT MITTAL2014-12-16 13:19:30

RAVIKANT MITTAL2014-12-16 13:19:56

I am from Jalandhar
RAVIKANT MITTAL2014-12-16 13:20:54

Plz provide me address of Tea-Academy in Jalandhar
joshi2014-12-31 15:00:58

How r u guys
joshi2014-12-31 15:01:51

who would like to chat with me?
harvinder kaur2015-02-01 08:27:28

velmurugan2015-02-04 03:59:03

jagjeet singh virk2015-02-11 06:13:37

jagjeet singh virk2015-02-11 06:14:24

can anyone tell me the duration of online ilets course
Team IELTScoaching.com2015-02-11 07:25:36

Dear Mr. Virk, please tell us the date of start
sanjay singh2015-02-25 09:00:16

sanjay singh2015-02-25 09:00:39

sanjay singh2015-02-25 09:01:25

anybody there to answer my query
Lokendra Chand2015-03-04 08:33:52

hello good afternoon
Lokendra Chand2015-03-04 08:34:57

i need help from your side
Team IELTScoaching.com2015-03-04 10:22:07

Hello Mr. Chand
Team IELTScoaching.com2015-03-04 10:31:46

What can we do for you,
kulmohan2015-04-09 13:09:34

kulmohan2015-04-09 13:12:38

my name is preet and I am from UK. I wanted to know some queries about ielts for my brother.
charanjeet singh2015-04-30 10:06:40

charanjeet singh2015-04-30 10:08:26

my name is charanjeet singh actully i need some information regarding IELTS General ?
charanjeet singh2015-04-30 10:12:27

helloo.....where is the IELTS team...
charanjeet singh2015-04-30 10:19:34

is there any one?
ARVIND KUMAR2015-05-07 04:33:59

good morning
ARVIND KUMAR2015-05-07 04:34:25

where is this insttiute in chandigarh
nargis2015-08-17 07:43:56

nargis2015-08-17 07:48:07

hello sir
jenson chacko2015-09-26 05:47:39

jenson chacko2015-09-26 05:48:18

i want know any ielts coaching center near kadiri
jenson chacko2015-09-26 05:49:13

can anyone help me out to find it
PARIMAL2015-11-18 12:19:40

Hello, How may i join this coaching??
velmurugan2016-02-11 04:50:13

Hi Good morning
Manjunatha.cr2016-03-05 12:43:33

Manjunatha.cr2016-03-05 12:51:09

I am Manju here. I have taken IELTS General Exam; my test will be on 4th of April. Can anyone suggest me the best practice material for reading test?
Tejas bhambani2016-08-10 18:25:06

Tejas bhambani2016-08-10 18:26:45

RAHUL YADAV2016-08-29 12:25:52

swati2016-10-03 07:37:27

swati2016-10-03 07:38:13

Anybody there?
swati2016-10-03 07:39:59

VIJAYALAKSHMI2016-11-07 09:44:45

VIJAYALAKSHMI2016-11-07 09:47:03

Hello anyone there.
Reenu Bhaal2016-12-27 07:00:10

Reenu Bhaal2016-12-27 07:01:17

we have new institute list to add on your website list .....
Reenu Bhaal2016-12-27 07:02:22

ifyou can do this for this i am sending to you some website with location ....
Reenu Bhaal2016-12-27 07:03:12

if you are intrested to extend your institute list ........
Reenu Bhaal2016-12-27 07:05:02

1. - Location (Delhi)
Reenu Bhaal2016-12-27 07:05:32

2. - Location (noida)
Reenu Bhaal2016-12-27 07:06:01

1. - Location (gurgaon)
Robin singh2017-01-09 16:26:30

Robin singh2017-01-09 16:27:04

Robin singh2017-01-09 16:53:57

Hlo pls tell me duration of online IELTS classes
Robin singh2017-01-09 16:55:00

Robin singh2017-01-10 02:53:08

Gurpreet singh2017-03-23 08:42:14

Gurpreet singh2017-03-23 12:22:09

jaswant singh2017-04-29 09:48:55

good morning everyones.......
jaswant singh2017-04-29 09:52:11

My Dear sir please tell me about IELTS general
jaswant singh2017-04-29 09:58:03

I want to take IELTS general test but my english is not very good,i am start my english from scratch level to advanced so you give me some gidence how i can achieve my target...
jaswant singh2017-04-29 09:59:49

any body hearnig me......
jaswant singh2017-04-29 10:01:49

I think counselor is offline can any body clarify me on what time counselor is online
jaswant singh2017-05-04 09:29:53

hi everone
AKHIL MUDGIL2017-12-05 05:56:14

Yogesh KUMAR SAINI2017-12-23 07:27:31

Yogesh KUMAR SAINI2017-12-23 07:28:29

Dear Team..i am looking for IELTS Coachin
Aarthi2018-04-17 06:11:20

Aarthi2018-04-17 06:11:37

Aarthi2018-04-17 06:12:56

Team I am looking IELTS coaching in Karaikal

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