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  What is Diploma?

In Australia, Diploma is a certificate or deed, issued by an educational institution like university, college that testifies successful completion of course of study by conferring an academic degree. The word Diploma refers to a level of academic award.

In Australia, a diploma can mean one of three things: the older usage is of an advanced level course done in the vocational education and training sector or university academically equivalent to some years of a bachelor degree but giving a similar professional status and position as a degree;

Graduate Diploma, which is undertaken after completing a degree but at undergraduate level in a field other than that covered by the degree (e.g., the Graduate Diploma of Education necessary to become a school teacher in most Australian states);

Postgraduate Diploma, a coursework-only qualification which is undertaken as additional study in a specialization within one's degree area. The course itself and the certification are referred to as a "diploma" in Australian English. Source: wikipedia.org

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